SBI Balance Check Number, SBI Missed Call Number 2023, SBI Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number

How to check your SBI bank account balance and receive a small statement through SMS or missed call: a step-by-step instruction, SBI Quick missed call banking enables SBI account users to check their account balance, obtain mini statements, and access other banking services via a missed call or SMS.

SBI Balance Check

The State Bank of India (SBI) provides a free missed call and SMS banking service that allows customers to obtain their account balance, mini statement, and other information by dialling a missed call from their registered mobile number. Customers may use the SBI Quick missed call banking functionality to access banking services by making a missed call or sending an SMS with predetermined keywords to predefined numbers. Note, this function may only be activated for the cellphone number associated with a certain bank account.

SBI Balance Check Number

SBI Quick is a missed call banking service that provides SBI account users with a variety of services such as registration, balance Enquiry, mini statement, ATM card blocking, auto loan features, and PM social security schemes. Consumers can also opt out of the service and get their account statement through email. Moreover, interest certificates for house loans and university loans can be received through email. Additional capabilities include the ability to turn on and off ATM cards, generate green PINs, and download Yono.

SBI बैलेंस पूछताछ टोल फ्री नंबर

Let’s look at how to sign up with SBI. Missed call banking in a flash.

How to Sign Up for SBI Banking for missed calls in a hurry

SB clients must complete a one-time registration to access the SBI Fast missed call banking service.

To register for the service:

  • Using the cell phone registered with the bank for that specific account, send an SMS with the phrase ‘REGaccount number’ to 09223488888.
  • If your account number is 12345678901, for example, you would send the message ‘REG 12345678901’.

How to check your balance, create a small statement, and more SBI Customers may check their balance, mini statement, and other information via missed calls or SMS using Fast Missed Call Banking.

Check the Balance, To check your balance, make a missed call or text the word “BAL” to 09223766666.

Mini Statement, To obtain a mini statement, make a missed call or text “MSTMT” to 9223866666.

Block your ATM card. If you need to ban your ATM card, send an SMS to 567676 with the phrase “BlockXXXX,” where XXXX is the final four digits of your card number.

Loans for a car or a house, Send an SMS with the words “Car” or “House” to either 567676 or 09223588888 for information about automobile or home loans.

Complete list of services, To view the complete list of SBI services, click here. Send an SMS with the phrase “Help” to 09223588888 for quick missed call banking.

While utilising these services, keep in mind to use the cellphone number associated with your account.

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