SBI Bank RTGS & NEFT Form, State Bank of India RTGS/NEFT Form PDF 2024 Download

Filling out the SBI NEFT/RTGS form, Account holders at State Bank of India have access to RTGS and NEFT services, which make money transfers incredibly simple. When it comes to the SBI NEFT / RTGS form, there is just one thought that crosses our minds: how do I fill out the SBI RTGS / NEFT form?

SBI Bank RTGS Form

Even today, the majority of people do not understand how to complete an SBI RTGS or NEFT form, which prevents them from taking advantage of this service. As a result, we have prepared this article in which we explain how to complete an SBI RTGS or NEFT form. and how to transfer money using the SBI Bank’s RTGS / NEFT form.

SBI Bank NEFT Form

SBI NEFT/RTGS form filling instructions are straightforward, making it easy for anybody to complete. If you don’t know how to fill out the form, use the below technique to fill out your SBI NEFT / RTGS form.

  1. The first tick on either RTGS or NEFT.
  2. Date – Enter the date that the form was filled out here.
  3. Branch – Here, you should specify the name of your branch.
  4. Branch Code – Enter your branch’s branch code here. This information will be provided in your bank passbook.
  5. Please remit the sum of – Enter the amount you wish to send by NEFT or RTGS here.
  6. By debiting my/our account number – Enter the number of your SBI bank account here.
  7. Through a transfer – Select either NEFT or RTGS here.
  8. Verify no. Write the cheque number here if you are sending money via cheque.
  9. Dated – Enter the same date that is on the cheque here.
  10. Beneficiary’s Name – Indicate the name of the person whose account the funds to be sent.
  11. Beneficiary bank & branch – List the name of the beneficiary’s bank and branch.
  12. IFSC code: Enter the bank’s IFSC code for the payee here.
  13. Beneficiary Account Number – Enter the beneficiary’s bank account number here.
  14. Amount (in words) – Enter the NEFT/RTGS amount you wish to send in this field.
  15. Amount (in figures) – Enter the precise dollar amount that needs to be transferred in this field.
  16. Applicant’s Name – Enter your name here.
  17. Address: Enter your address in this field.
  18. Your cellphone number should be entered here.
  19. Applicant’s signature: Please sign your name here.

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