UCO Mobile Number Change Form, How to Change Mobile Number in UCO Account Online & Offline

Change your UCO Bank registered mobile number, UCO Bank Update or Change your Registered Mobile Number: Now that all banks provide net banking and phone banking for the convenience of their clients, it is essential to register your mobile number with your bank in order to take advantage of the benefits of online banking.

UCO Mobile Number Change

If you wish to utilise the Internet banking, Phone banking, or SMS notifications, you must have your mobile number registered in your UCO Bank account. You should also bear in mind that your cell number with UCO Bank is up to date, otherwise you will be unable to access the bank’s services.

UCO Mobile Number Change Form

Why Should You Update Your UCO Bank Registered Mobile Number?

  • UCO Bank will notify you by SMS of any transactions that affect your account.
  • You will have access to Internet Banking.
  • You can only use SMS banking or Phone Banking with your registered mobile number.
  • There will be no communication breakdowns with Uco Bank on any critical subject.

If your mobile number changes, you must update your registered mobile number with the bank. It’s worth noting that you can do this as many times as you like.

How Do You Change Your Uco Bank Registered Mobile Number?

To update your Registered Mobile Number in Uco Bank, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Uco Bank branch where you have your account.

Please come to the Uco Bank Home Branch with the following documents: a copy of your proof of address (such as the most recent telephone bill, Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc.) and proof of identification.

Step 2: Obtain KYC Information Change Form

Meet with your Relationship Manager or a Bank Executive and request the ‘KYC Details Change Form,’ which is essential for altering your registered phone number.

Step 3: Complete the KYC Details Change form.

Fill out the KYC Details Change Form completely. You must provide the following information:

  • Your bank information, such as account number, account holder’s name, account type, and so on.
  • Tick or write down the details you want to modify, such as your registered cellphone number in this example.
  • Fill up the blanks with your new mobile phone number.
  • Fill in the blanks with your signature.

Step 4: Submit the KYC Details Change form along with the required documentation.

Submit the completed KYC Details Change form, along with your Proof of Address and Proof of Identity (if required), to the Bank Executive.

Step 5: Receive confirmation of your request to modify your registered cellphone number.

Your form, signature, and other data will be verified by a Bank Executive. If he deems the paperwork to be full in every way, he will acknowledge your request.

Step 6: Your request to change your registered mobile number will be processed.

Uco Bank will modify your registered Mobile Number in your account and in the bank records after proper authentication.

Step 7: Confirm the change in your registered mobile number with the bank.

Within a few hours, Uco Bank will send you a message through SMS on your new mobile number or email regarding altering your registered Mobile Number in your account. If you do not get any notification, you may contact your branch to ensure that the modifications have been completed.